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Christian Dior - Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring /Summer 2015 in Paris with interview

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With metal scaffolding, and a play of mirrors on the walls and on the ceiling, the christian dior couture collection has futuristic accents. raf simons addresses three decades between them, the 50s, 60s and 70s to create the new silhouettes for 2015. a fusion of three eras and styles to give life to the new materials and new techniques. the guipure is embroidered with sequins, and the plastic is printed with photographs. the corolla dresses take on a new allure with graphic pleats, and the knee-high boots in coloured vinyl and in heels in transparent plexiglas. the jumpsuits become like a second skin with floral embroidery. the geometric cut outs on the dresses seem to almost be suspended on the bodies. a contemporary vision of the past, it’s all the creative talent of the designer and the knowhow of the dior ateliers.interview: raf simons: i wanted to go back in time like the last couture show, but i wanted to see if i could bring 3 decades together like the 50s for its romance, very romantic but at the same time there is also a frigidity there was a kind of hidden sexuality, like the 60s for the experimentation on all levels, shape wise, material wise, as a kind of fashion experiment in the way it was presented, and i like the 70s for its liberation, the way it was really taking almost no more rules, not following any structure anymore and just going wild and crazy, like druggy and party, so i thought it could be challenging to put all these things together.romantic materials like guipure, or lace, that fuse together with metallic hardware, with plastic, everything kind of fuses together and hopefully it’s becoming a new kind of language. why do i say this? because this is how i see david bowie, this is how i like to take the liberty, to approach couture. it’s also an experiment, it’s also kind of trying out something that might lead to a new language for dior, that can go and translate to ready to wear.music from the show