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Marni : Men's Autumn/Winter 2020/21 show in Milan (interview with Francesco Risso)

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Artistic director: francesco risso theme: dance and body movements directed by the choreographer michele rizzo around a diverse cast. a dark and apocalyptic atmosphere inspired by edgar allan poe’s short story “the masque of red death”.collection: a wardrobe that plays with contrasts, with close-fitting volumes and other ultra-large ones. the trousers are wide and long and the tops hug the bust, juxtaposing each other. the clothes are assembled together to form unique and hybrid pieces. the prints are expressed in colours and the patterns are hypnotic. a wardrobe with multiple forms such as dismantled or patched, sometimes with some signs of wear expressed on the clothes. the designer offers a new aesthetic to the image of a cardigan, long on one side and short on the other, the same for an asymmetrical leather coat or a fraying jacket. interview with francesco risso :we just wanted to you know, slap, have a slap of life into the fashion. that’s why we kind of dived into a different process that involved an incredible performance artist michele rizzo, who guided us into learning movements or learning body language without talking and kind of like having new systems of saying things. that resembled the idea of the persistence of memory like dali, the fact that there’s a beauty in the memory and the fact that it’s almost like a pause in time that value of things that are left overs but they’re like heirlooms and they’re intricate with certain value. so on one hand there was that side of you know building up pieces that seemed like they had a life on their one, pieces that were actually composed from leftover fabrics from the 50’s like hand painted velvet that wasn’t enough to finish a piece but were completed with other fabrics and on the other hand, a uniform that would express their body language and their movements and a sort of like different way of talking and expressing a sort of synchronicity and an accident. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)